When is best to prune trees in Auckland?

In temperate Auckland, where our local business operates, lesser seasonal variation of our weather may reduce need to follow strict pruning guidelines required elsewhere. There are several instances however where time of year should be considered.

For deciduous trees, any significant pruning which is timed for late Autumn, or Winter has several major advantages over pruning over other times of the year. Pruning Autumn/Winter maximises deciduous tree’s ability to photosynthesize & store energy over the active growing seasons, energy required for respiration, production of response growth, & to defend against disease. Another advantage of Autumn/Winter deciduous pruning, absence of leaves makes visually assessing tree branches in the canopy easier. Yet another advantage, absence of nesting birds.

For some species of evergreen trees, reduction pruning should be avoided around the peak of summer, when the suns rays may burn cambium of newly exposed branches.

Some tree species susceptible to disease should only be pruned at certain times of year to avoid being infected when the contagion is present. Stone-fruit trees, for example should be pruned in Summer & not in Winter to avoid silverleaf fungal infection. Citrus trees should be pruned during winter & not in the warmer months to avoid citrus borer insects. Prune apple & pear trees & other trees susceptible to fire blight in late Winter.

Deadwood removal can be done at any time of year as no live tissue need be removed.

The best time for pruning trees is when they’re newly planted, when structural defects can be corrected to allow tree to direct future energy into healthy growth.