Before & After Photos

Dangerous codominant tree with included bark dismantle

The above photos were taken during the felling of a tree deemed to be of high risk. The tree had a codominant stem with included bark, with one stem leaning towards customers’ house. The stem was predicted likely to fail in the foreseeable future, with a high likelihood of falling on the house & causing significant damage. It was climbed & dismantled to minimise damage to surrounding native vegetation, & the banks of a nearby stream.

Olive tree trimming

The three photos above are of olive trees that were trimmed to contain their size. The first & last photos depict trees that had been regularly trimmed to keep them under a certain size, & were trimmed with hedge trimming machinery. The middle photo is of trees that were below power lines, that were pruned with reduction pruning cuts back to lower branches at least 1/3 diameter. This was accomplished with arborists handsaw, prior to the trees being trimmed with a machine.

Tree felling

The above photos were taken during our tree-felling work. In the photos depicting a climber, the trees were carefully dismantled to avoid damage to their surrounding property.

Hedge trimming

The above photos show examples of our hedge trimming work. A few of the hedges shown here had previously been regularly trimmed, with the remainder neglected, requiring significant reductions.

Tree pruning

The above three photos show examples of our tree pruning work. The first photo showing a branch being pruned to reduce the tree’s spread. The last two depicting before & after canopy reductions.