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$2m Liability Insurance Cover

Are your trees or Hedges in need of attention?

Have your trees overgrown? Or is deadwood causing nuisance or hazard?  Outdoors appearing not as good as a result?

Our surroundings affect us.

We’ve helped many property owners just like you bring their trees & hedges under control.

We can do the same for you.

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ISA Certified Arborist

A professional who has demonstrated experience, & knowledge of relevant theory. Committed to lifelong education.

NZ Arboricultural Association Member

An active member of the NZ Arboricultural Association, we work within the minimum industry standards endorsed by NZArb.


$2m Liability Insurance

If you’ve any targets surrounding your trees that could potentially be damaged, rest assured your property will be covered by our insurance.

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We’ll work on your trees in alignment with modern arboriculture best practices.

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Enjoy your improved outdoor surroundings.

Managing trees & hedges on your property can seem intimidating

If neglected too long they can become a problem, & if dealt with by a non-professional more harm than good can result.

With the help of a professional who has demonstrated knowledge of tree biology, correct pruning methods,  safe work practices, &, is equipped with specialised equipment that can get the job done in an efficient manner, it doesn’t need to be this way.

We’re here to help.

Get in touch, discuss your situation, & schedule a time. Todd the owner, ISA Certified Arborist will meet with you on-site, advise you regarding your trees, provide you a quote, & on acceptance schedule a day to work.

Your trees & hedges will be professionally taken care of & you’ll be happy & relieved you made the decision today.

Here’s what you’ll get with Todd Haskell Arborist

  • ISA Certified Arborist
  • Current active NZ Arb Member
  • Customer-centric business
  • $2m Liability Insurance Cover


There are several common good reasons for tree pruning. Young newly planted trees, for instance, can be assisted by having structural defects removed in the early stages to encourage a healthy strong balanced aesthetically pleasing growth form. For older trees, structural defects that develop can be dealt with before they become an issue. Dead & broken branches in the canopy may require removal to mitigate hazards to people beneath, &/or improve aesthetics. In some cases, end weight reduction pruning of branches to reduce the likelihood of their breakage may make sense. Trees that grow too large for their surroundings may need to be reduced in size to retain or restore views or provide clearance for buildings & people beneath.

An arborist is someone specialised in tree care & maintenance. A certified arborist is someone who has shown documented experience in tree work, has demonstrated their knowledge to be above industry standards initially in a test, & then in regular assessments to keep their qualification current.