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Expert Hedge Trimming Okura


Hedge Trimming to enhance your Garden

If your hedges are blocking sunshine, or otherwise requiring maintenance, our hedge trimming services can help you.

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Hedge Trimming to suit your settings.

Whether you’ve informal (rounded) hedges or formal box hedges, we can assist. Our capabilities include trimming tall hedges up to 4 meters flat across the top.  We tailor our hedge trimming service to your needs.

Post-Hedge Trimming, Garden Waste Removal

Once the hedge trimming process is complete, we can either take the hedge clippings off-site or move them to your designated compost area. Save yourself the time and hassle by leaving it to us.

The requirements of Hedge Trimming and Pruning

In order to cultivate attractive, healthy plants, of the desired dimensions, and, reduce the overall amount of work required, regular maintenance of your hedges is necessary. If however, your hedges have gotten away from you, we can reduce the spread & height of a neglected hedge & bring it under control.

How It Works

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Before & After Photo Examples of Our Hedge Trimming Work

Before & After Photo Examples of Our Hedge Topping/Reduction Pruning Work



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